Scrap the Tube, Hop on a Bike – How To Cycle Through London Safely

One of the most common New Year Resolutions is to get fit. If you can’t abide extortionate gym fees (or even just hate the gym), there are other ways you can incorporate a bit of exercise into your daily routine. How about escaping the commuter crush on the tube and hopping on a bike to get to work? Who knows what you might discover along the way…

Many people are put off by the idea of cycling in large cities, especially London where bike accidents are unfortunately all too common on a daily basis. However, you can still enjoy a ride through London while staying safe by following a few “rules of the road”. Here are our top tips!

1) Don’t trust ANYONE. That includes other cyclists, pedestrians, cars, passengers in cars, pigeons… If you remain observant then you remain safe.
– If you cycle past a parked car, always slow down in case they decide to suddenly open the door;
– If you’re riding in the cycle lane, keep an eye on pedestrians on the pavement, they enjoy stepping out in front of you;
– If you’re cycling past a perpendicular road, always look up it for cars coming down, while checking over your shoulder for cars coming from behind who may cut you up.

2) WEAR A HELMET. There is nothing else to say here.

3) Bike lights. Even if it is light enough to see, having flashing lights both front and back will keep you extra visible to everyone else on the road.

4) Stop at red lights. If cars have to, so should you. They control and regulate traffic as well as stopping you from being run over by cars coming the other way!

5) Never undertake buses. They pull in frequently, and use their indicators less so. Same goes for lorries or large vehicles who may not see you in their wing mirrors.

6) Frequently check your breaks. You’ll be using them a lot.

Now that we’ve terrified you into cycling in London, here is a snippet from our Head of Content’s journey to work from Greenwich to Bethnal Green. View the whole video here.