Oktoberfest…in Camden!

Here at KOMPAS, we are all partial to a beer or two at the end of the week. Heck, we even have a beer tap in the office that taunts us throughout the day until it’s switched on at 16:00. For a company who started life in Munich, you’d think we would be all over Oktoberfest. Unfortunately, this was not possible this year.

Like a Knight in shining Lederhosen, in stepped The Official Camden Oktoberfest, armed with more bratwurst than you could shake a stick at, and glasses filled to the brim with specially imported German beer. EIN PROSIT!

Unfortunately for our various Social Media accounts, our Lederhosen and Dirndls were in the wash, but we were heartened to see so many revellers (and the waiters) dressed up in traditional Bavarian garb – albeit a more budget version than what you would see at the celebrations in Oktoberfest HQ, Munich. Now in its third year, Camden Oktoberfest upgraded to the Electric Ballroom to fit in 3,000 beer guzzling and bratwurst eating bacchants over the weekend of 20/21st October.

Bedecked in a traditional Bavarian beerhall style, with flags hanging from the ceiling and long wooden tables in the middle, after a few pints of Spaten and Löwenbräu it was hard to believe that we were in the middle of London. The sizzle and heavenly smell of cooking sausages drew us immediately to the Herman ze German stand. Lining the stomachs of London for 10 years, they were an apt choice of catering partner, offering traditional Bratwurst that accompanied our drinks perfectly. Nom.

In amongst the general revelry and festival atmosphere, it was nice to see such a diverse range of people sitting and drinking together at the communal tables. From Hen parties to fathers and sons enjoying a drink together, the eclectic mix came together a few times to form a conga line, dancing to the addictive beats of the live band, The Old Dirty Brasstards. Looking like a group your dad might be a part of, this 10 piece, tweed-wearing brass and drum band played a variety of classic hits in their own unique style, with just enough quirk factor to get me and the team up and dancing, slowly, following our overindulgence at the sausage stand.

DJs from Club De Fromage took over later on – by this point the crowd a few beers deep – and the festival atmosphere amped up. We left feeling as if we had experienced a British/German fusion Oktoberfest, and were quite glad to be able to catch the tube straight home rather than endure the long haul back from Munich.


Many thanks to The Official Camden Oktoberfest for hosting us. See you next year!



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