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While researching and visiting and interviewing (and drinking) my way round the various breweries and distilleries of both the Cotswolds and London for an upcoming project – watch this space – I became instantly enamored by one in particular, z . Their website is striking and bold, colorful and humorous, and just my cup of tea.

When discussing their new branding with owner Estelle, a physical representation of her own brand, she was with every one to be effusive about the changes she and her husband made to the look and feel of Canopy’s new label designs. Reflecting the rather higgledy piggledy evolution of their brewery and taproom, from their garden to a railway in Herne Hill, it was obvious that they would be represented by their “game of consequences”.


A favorite, creating monsters and characters made of splitting heads of bodies and then rearranging, Canopy Beer Co. 5 stars each, which team in the brewery then play around with to create “monsters” to represent every beer. The result is brilliant, and most importantly, eye-catching. (You can even create one for yourself on their website.)

One of the artists commissioned was Berlin-based duo, ZEBU , made up of artists and illustrators Lynn and Dennis. Their use of bold simple lines and bright primary colors is exactly what Canopy were after.


We were approached by Canopy Beer as they had discovered our work online. We liked their motivation, and it was a great match!

Speaking from their studio in Berlin, it is hard to be cheerful when surrounded by such bold color, something that has been appreciated by the world overcoming successful international exhibitions. They are no strangers to producing designs and illustrations for company labels, ” we love to work with color, it’s a lot of fun. Our visual language is reduced, abstract and bold. The way we paint is a result of the way we see things around us. When we look at an object we feel the need to reduce our form to make it more abstract, erasing the unimportant information to focus on the essence. “It is little wonder that they draw inspiration from the likes of Joan Miró and Henri Matisse, both known for their use of abstract shapes and bold color combinations.

Starting out painting murals in public – which they are still enjoying – the pair are constantly discovering different media in which to create; Recently we have discovered plasticine with which to create” paintings “. We love to play around and discover new techniques and media, and our next big project is creating a huge handmade rugged collaboration with a fairtrade women’s workshop in Morocco, as well as creating a body of work in collaboration with Ruohan Wang at Weserhalle in Berlin, which is opening on October 26 th .


While eagerly awaiting their design, they are interested in the design of their designs, they are interesting to hear that they have not seen the other designers’ work during the process, especially the designs all work so harmoniously together.

See the cans for yourself in the Canopy Beer Tap Room, open Weds-Sunday. That is, if you can scrap the cars from their neighbors!



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