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The Finch Cafe, London

Finch Cafe exteriorThe Finch Cafe is an unassuming wrap joint sitting right under the overground station at London Fields. Fashionably located under the railway arches on Mentmore Terrace, the food here will change your standards for a good lunch. The cafe is an experience in Palestinian food.

You may be just off the Overground or just in the area – or, as in our case, your office may be just a few steps away. There are a few tables outside the Finch Cafe that get just the right amount of sunshine on a nice day. The space is cosy and welcoming. A part of the charm is being able to hear (and feel) the train as it goes by. There are maybe four tables inside, each one equipped with sriracha. Push through the crowds waiting for their wraps and order at the small counter at the back of the room. once ordered, it’s just a  matter of time until you’re handed the life-changing wrap. Not an overstatement.

Finch Cafe interior

The selection of fillings is relatively small, but as we know, that’s often the hallmark of a place that does food well. There are two vegetarian options: halloumi and mushroom, and falafel. Meat options to sink your teeth into are chicken or lamb & beef stew shawarma, and chicken and avocado. If you’re not much of a messy eater, you can opt to have your fillings in a box – this comes with the advantage of extra hummus. There can never be enough hummus. Despite personal feelings of love for extra hummus, I opt for the simple wrap.

Finch Cafe wrap

The time between ordering and finally being able to eat is usually quick, but it is a small operation so they can get busy. Once the wrap is finally in your hands it’s pretty much game over for it. The tender meat in my personal favourite, the chicken shawarma, is delicious and moist from the stew that it braises in. There’s just the right amount of crunch from the leafy greens, ample hummus, and the fluffy flatbread that it’s all wrapped in make it to die for.

Finch Cafe wrap 2

If it takes you more than 15 minutes to finish off a wrap from the Finch Cafe, you’re doing something wrong.  

Ambience: 7/10

Service: 9/10

Food: 9/10

Overall: 8/10

Wraps and boxes cost between £4-7.

394 Mentmore Terrace, London Fields, London E8 3QA

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