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CITY GUIDE LONDON: Broadway Market

Broadway Market is a vibrant Hackney street filled with coffee, food, and shopping, right next to London Fields. Featuring a Saturday Market each week, and much more, it’s hard to get bored around here. Broadway Market first started with a lonely jellied eels shop and has since grown into a bustling go-to spot for locals. Here’s our round-up of what to do on Broadway Market.

Where to Buy Coffee

KOMPAS Guide to Broadway Market Climpson & Sons
Climpson & Sons

Serving only the very best coffee, Climpson and Sons is an ideal stop for a cup of joe at the start of your day. The dream team of baristas work hard to source and produce the best blends and roasts possible. The shop feels modern and cosy, with low lighting making for a relaxing ambience.

KOMPAS Guide to Broadway Market Sans Pere
Sans Pere

Bright and modern with an extra shot of millennial pink, Sans Pere is an extra trendy spot for a coffee, matcha latte, or even a glass of wine. With marble countertops and a pink coffee bar, a cafe couldn’t possibly be more instagrammable. The vibrant storefront easily stands out as you’re walking along Broadway Market, making it even more enticing to go in.

Where to Eat

KOMPAS Guide to Broadway Market Twigs

Tucked away on a side street off Broadway Market, this little shop has a bright yellow sign that will grab your eye as you walk along. Doubling as both a plant shop and lunch spot, Twigs serves up noodle and rice boxes with a variety of toppings to enjoy among the plants. The homemade chilli oil is life changing. After you’re done eating, indulge in a macaron ice cream sandwich among the plants, or take it with you as you continue to move down the market street.

KOMPAS Guide to Broadway Market Buen Ayre
Buen Ayre

For a hearty dinner of Argentinian food, head to Buen Ayre. Chef John Rattagan is a native of Buenos Aires, where meat is a serious matter. Bringing the first Argentinian grill to London, a typical meal here would include courses of carpaccio, steak, dishes to pass and a dessert. Not only will you be leaving full, but you will have gained a cultural experience.

Where to Buy Clothes

KOMPAS Guide to Broadway Market 96b Boutique
69b Boutique

69b is a boutique clothing store that sells designer brands, bridging the gap between fashion and sustainability. With an extensive collection of designer clothes in-store, all brands have been confirmed to have environmentally conscious and humane production processes. The team at 69b makes sure that every purchase made at their store is one to be proud of.

KOMPAS Guide to Broadway Market HUB

A trendy clothing shop with brands such as Rains, Vagabond, and Selected Homme, this is the only one of HUB’s three Hackney storefronts to offer both menswear and womenswear in the same shop. The minimalist vibe and welcoming staff make this a great shopping experience.

Where to Buy Books

KOMPAS Guide to Broadway Market Broadway Bookshop
Broadway Bookshop

A truly classic bookstore, The Broadway Bookshop is warm and friendly with plenty of titles to leaf through. The inviting atmosphere, kind staff and wide book selection make this a perfect place to browse, sit down and read a while before continuing your day.

KOMPAS Guide to Broadway Market Donlon Books
Donlon Books

If an edgier bookstore is more up your alley, Donlon Books is an independent bookstore that focuses on more unique works. With an extensive collection of works that can’t be found in most stores, you can get lost in works covering a variety of topics, from critical theory and art to counterculture.

Where to Buy Food

KOMPAS Guide to Broadway Market Fin & Flounder
Fin & Flounder

Bringing it back to the roots of Broadway Market, Fin and Flounder are keeping the tradition of fish alive. While the first business on the street was jellied eels (still available at F Cooke just down the street), this fishmonger is bringing a little more freshness, variety and personality to the area. With a vibrant blue storefront and fish scapes lining the windows, this shop is hard to miss (and not smell).

KOMPAS Guide to Broadway Market
Broadway Market

If you come to Broadway Market on a Saturday, you’ll see the street at its finest. The lively Saturday street market hosts a variety of unique local vendors, selling everything from food to jewellery. A great experience, this market truly has its own personality and is not something to be missed.

We’ve only skimmed the surface in this article: there’s still a lot more to see on Broadway Market. If there’s a place you love that we didn’t highlight, let us know about it in the comments below. If you enjoyed this be sure to check out our guides to Haggerston and Dalston, & sign up for our weekly London email.

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