THE FOOD DIARIES: The 10 Dishes You Have to Try While in Exeter

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With autumn in full swing and winter on its toes, we all need something to cheer us up and carry us over to spring. For team KOMPAS, that something is food. And let us tell you – Exeter is full of great dishes – we’ve shortlisted our 10 favourites, in no particular order. Without further ado….

10. Steak and Ale Pie @ The Old Firehouse

We know, we know – Old Firehouse and we’re not mentioning the pizza? That’s just absurd. Everybody knows about The Firehouse pizza. Its lunch offers, however, are less well known. You absolutely cannot go wrong with a Steak and Ale pie, especially when it’s cold and wet outside. There’s not much that can warm you up more.

You can get it with the usual potatoes, vegetables & gravy for £8.75 – which is basically free. You might say The Old Firehouse engages in pie-ty (we apologize).

9. Three Little Pigs Pizza @ On The Waterfront

Don’t get us wrong, if you get a different pizza at On The Waterfront you will not be disappointed. Our hearts are committed to the Three Pigs, however. The deliciously smoky and fatty pulled pork and pancetta, paired with the acidity of the applesauce, and the crispiness of the crackling all work spectacularly well on this pizza. Yum –  we’re salivating as we’re writing this.

Enjoy the 12-inch pizza for £12 or, the 16-inch pizza if you’re sharing (or extra hungry) for £22.

8. The Big Kahuna Burger @ Hubbox

Fun fact: the Big Kahuna at Hubbox won the national burger award in 2015, and was shortlisted in 2017. The Big Kahuna is not only the best burger in Exeter, it’s arguably one of the best in the whole country. Make sure to get it with some chilli cheese fries and a milkshake. It might sound like a lot, and it is, but it’s totally worth it (sorry NHS).

Get it for £9.50 or if you’re feeling super adventurous then supersize it for £3.05 extra.

7. Cookies & Doughnuts @ March Coffee

March Coffee is the (relative) newcomer to the Exeter coffee scene, having opened in – you guessed it – March 2017. Whilst their coffee is undoubtedly one of the best in the city, it’s the cookies and doughnuts that truly shine. When we tried them we were honestly lost for words – that’s how good they are. Go in and get yourself as many as you can eat. Enjoy them with a cappuccino.

6. Sunday Roast @ Tea on the Green

You might not expect to head to a teahouse for a roast, but the Sunday roast at Tea on the Green is truly one of the best our team has ever had. We had it the afternoon after launching in Exeter (we all needed it). Since then, we’ve all been excited to go back and get some more! We tried the lamb, beef, and pork, and we can say with certainty that all of them were excellent.

Get your Roast for £11.95 (YEAH – WE KNOW) for all except the chicken and vegetarian which are cheaper.

5. Tavak Shish @ Al-Farid

We’ve been raving about Al-Farid for so long that if you follow us you must have known it would be on this list. The problem was narrowing our selection down to one dish. Gun to our head, we’d have to say it’s the Tavak Shish. The acidic, tender, and extremely flavourful chicken works so well with the slightly spicy sauce. We can’t recommend this place and dish enough!

Dig your teeth into the Tavak Shish for only £12.95.

4. Stuffed Vine Leaves @ Herbies

These little devils are extremely addictive and delicious. You order one portion and instantly want another. When you’re feeling like some wholesome veggie food to pick yourself up, pop on in here! And if you’re feeling a little hungrier, Herbies is full of delicious vegetarian and vegan food.

Get the vine leaves for £4.75.

3. Sausage Rolls @ Chandos Deli

Our CEO Tom, who considers himself a bit of a sausage roll expert, considers the rolls at Exeter’s Chandos Deli to be some of the best in the country. Made spicier and more vibrant with chorizo rather than the usual English sausage, these are a must-have when you’re feeling snacky in Exeter. We recommend taking them with you and having a nice stroll through Southernhay.

Get them for £2.50 if you take away or £2.99 if you eat in.

2. Kofte Meatballs @ Dinosaur Cafe

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This little Turkish cafe by Exeter College is well worth a visit. The food at Dinosaur Cafe rivals some of the best in Istanbul. It’s a small window into the Near East, and a great way to experience a delicious cuisine. Make sure to drop in, and don’t miss the kofte – they’re spectacular.

1. Curly Fries @ RAM Bar

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The curly fries at The Ram are a bit like a right of passage for freshers at the University. They are delicious before a night out, during quiz night, or really at any point in the day. Get them with the chicken bites and a cold beer. The craziest part of all – get them with a side (yes they’re the main dish) for £3.95.


That’s all from us – have we missed your favourite dish in the city? Tell us in the comments.

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