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THE REFRESHMENT ROOM: The Definitive List of the 10 Best Bars in Exeter

Best Bars in Exeter

Have you heard the great news? KOMPAS has just launched in Exeter. As our first order of business, we’re here to fill you in on the best bars in Exeter – from pubs and local boozers through to speakeasies. 

The Ram

Warm up those vocal chords of yours in preparation for the university’s on-campus watering hole, whether it’s bringing the house down with your rendition of the latest hits at Friday Rameoke or shouting at a screen with men running after a ball. Keep an eye out for the famous curly fries and the hangover breakfasts from 10 am.

Urban Underground

Urban Underground is perhaps best known for their iced tea cocktails, served for two in a classic teapot. The layout is perfect for groups of friends, and if you’re looking for something unique, the retro arcade table will keep you entertained while you sip on a cup of alcoholic tea.

The Book Cover

A 1920s speakeasy bar disguised as an old bookshop. Upon arrival whisper the secret password of the week (announced on their Facebook page) to their friendly librarian, Mrs Lebowski.

The Old Firehouse Inn

Some say Harry Potter’s Leaky Cauldron was inspired by The Old Firehouse. We can’t promise you wizards and house-elves but their large pizzas and flavoured ciders are just as magical. The twinkling fairy lights which drape it’s interior and the narrow staircases which wind their way through the building add to the charm that has muggles coming back for more.

The Hour Glass

This friendly pub’s motto is ‘Booze, Good Company & Food’, and we can’t argue with that. Make sure to say hello to the pub cat, likely to be found supervising from the bar counter.

The Oddfellows


Expect to find local and seasonal ingredients combined in innovative ways presented before you in an artistic fashion. The delicious dishes can all be accompanied with a West Country ale or cider as well as a wine from their carefully compiled collection sourced from around the world.

Monkey Suit

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Sorry to disappoint, but you won’t find any monkey waiters in miniature suits here but what you will find is the perfect spot to mingle with fellow Exeter cocktail lovers while local West Country DJs and bands regularly add rhythm to the evening rendezvous.

The Jack in the Green

Make yourself at home and relax on the cosy sofas with a local beer in hand before being seated at your table. The menu has a great range of comfort food from venison cottage pie to sea bass. In winter the warmth of the fireplace will warm you on even the coldest of days.

The Imperial

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OK, we admit it – we’re cheating a little on our independents only policy by including a Wetherspoons pub. But the Impy isn’t just any Spoons: it’s set in a beautiful mansion that was once home to the grand Imperial Hotel. Enjoy your pint in the ballroom designed after Buckingham Palace, or the Orangery with its stunning stained glass window.

Doctor Inks Curiosities

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Tales from the 2nd traveling journal of Daedalus Ramesses Ink 'the search for fame and fortune' the story of the The Rogue & Rita Olmeca Altos Tequila Blanco Pink Peppercorn & Strawberry Cordial Pampelmousse rose Maraschino Aperol Citron Bitter/Sweet/Spice We land at last in Mexico and together with the Rogue and Rake we enter the nearest cantina ‘to tickle ones innards’ & have a right old ‘nanty narking.. The Rake immediately heads to the gaming tables while our resident ‘gal sneaker’ rogue catches the eye of a local beauty expressing that she is the ‘jammiest bit’s of jam’. Grabbing a bottle of local fire water I take it upon myself to make my drink of the moment ‘the daisy’ modifying it a little with the contents of my bag’, Having made too much for one person I take my drink over to help my young Rogue in his ‘tot hunting’, Passing a glass to each, the girl expresses her gratitude and asks what the concoction is, I explain it is called a daisy and inquire what its Spanish equivalent is? she shouts Rogue’n’rita I ask again, as I misheard her in the noisy bar, to which she repeats ‘Margarita ’. Thinking this a ridiculous name for a drink, that would never catch on, I revert to the first version and name it the Rogue & Rita. At this point a fight erupts at the gaming table and we have to grab our ‘mafficking’ Rake and beat a hasty retreat and ‘back slang’ it before the ‘mutton shunter’s arrive! Inspiration.​ Passing English of the Victorian Era, Dictionary of Hertadox English,​​Slang and Phrase. By J Redding Ware 1909 #imbibegram #drinkslistoftheyear #maxxium #olmecaaltos @imbibeuk @megsmiller @matt_austin_images

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If you’re after a bit of sugar or perhaps even a cheeky bit of spice, then this intimate cocktail bar filled with curiosities and peculiarities will have you sipping on cocktails with more character than your favourite movie protagonist.

We’ve got plenty of other wonderful places up our sleeve, so make sure you check out our free app to discover the very best that Exeter has to offer.

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