CITY GUIDE LONDON: 10 Shoreditch Locations You Have to Visit

A compilation of 10 exciting, fresh places to sample and discover in the bustling, thriving town of Shoreditch. Each demonstrating that, whilst Shoreditch isn’t the biggest-known area, it certainly boasts some of the most interesting and wondrous places that London has to offer!

Shoreditch Street Art Tours

When it comes to your cities art, I’m sure the majority would confirm that it is very difficult to locate, appreciate and enjoy the pieces of imagination without either getting lost or have the day suddenly disappear. Thankfully, Shoreditch offers you a brilliant alternative, an Art Tour! With a route and world-renowned street art photographer, you’re in for a real treat.

Cockney ATM Machine

Have you ever wanted to withdraw your cash to the words of “enter your huckleberry fin (pin)” or “Some moolah for ya sky rocket?” Then you’re in luck! Whether you’re a native of the city or a budding knowledgeable traveller, everyone can appreciate the formidable language of the Cockney; Making withdrawing funds that bit more proper nice mate. Crikey, as far as sights go, I think you’ve seen a whoopa!

Pillow Cinema

I know what you’re thinking; Pillows? Cinema? – This sounds like my room. Unless your room is equipped with an army of super comfy Fatboy beanbags and giant soft blankets in front of a cinema screen, I think you’ve found your new place to kick back to your favourite movie. Compared to your local big screen, it’s not bad, is it?

Bar Kick

Who doesn’t enjoy a cold beverage and a good ol’ bash on a foosball table!? This place offers a wide variety of drinks, snacks and your favourite tabletop game. Combining the two making it a very popular destination, at least if you like that sort of thing. Several large foosball tables in a friendly, fun atmosphere. What more could you ask for? – A REMATCH, that’s what.


Ping pong must be my favourite mini-game, especially when I finally manage to find it in a bar somewhere. Instead of 1 table nestled in the corner of a crowded pub, the brilliant people behind Bounce have incorporated Ping Pong into the entirety of a stylish modern bar atmosphere. Be assured of hysterical laughter, drinks and a whole load of balls flying around.


Rainbow Bagel Shop

If you’re in Shoreditch, and you fancy a bite, you would do well to visit the iconic staple of this magnificent town. Home to the simply amazing Rainbow Bagels filled with your choice of fillings, but the most preferred combination of salt beef, mustard and gherkin. Truly in this circumstance, looks do not disappoint; they deliver. You’ll find these colourful pastries at Brick Lane’s Beigel Shop. 


Fight Club Darts

A truly remarkable place, offering their attraction of picturesque darts zones spectacular décor and hospitality complimented greatly by their bespoke cocktails from their award-winning bars. If you like them shaken, stirred or flying and pointy for that matter, be sure to check this gem out. Even though it’s typical for a bar to have darts, this place is something else. See for yourself!


If you’re a fan of underground, street or urban art, then this would be right up your alley. A brilliant exhibition of subculture; There are few rules and anything is possible in this world, free your mind! Traditional galleries overlooked this creative world, like really? Luckily Stolenspace continues to let it live, thank god!

The Orange Buffalo

Situated just down the road from Shoreditch high street station, this cool little vendor boasts some of the tastiest, most amazing New York style wings in London! If you like your wings, you’re bound to love this little hidden gem.


With a cool street food market complementing a pop-up mall, this place is full of culture, fashion and creativity. Boxpark is the world’s first pop-up mall! – Sounds like they ordered it from Ikea, doesn’t it? A wealth of things to do, look at, sample and get lost in what makes this place stupendously awesome.

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