CITY GUIDE MUNICH: A Modern Paradise in Inner City Munich

Look at the photo — clear blue water surrounded by green, a man entering in his red bathing suit — where could this be? If you guessed it’s within the limits of Munich city you were right.

It’s the Riemer lake, an artificially created lake in the 2005 totally-renovated eastern part of Messestadt Riem. It goes from quite shallow to very deep water, up to 18 metres, and has a bit of a reputation for claiming victims. Nonetheless, it’s a fascinating bit of vacation-esque land and architecture, free for anyone to visit.Designed by French landscape architect Gilles Vexlard, the feel of the entire area surrounding it is conducive to modernism with a touch of sci-fi. Walking through the area you will find beautiful straight structures, which do not drown the surrounding nature but rather gives it a clean and accessible feel. There are alternative playgrounds with tiny little (functional) trampolines, and obscure climbing-webs and pop-up shapes for children or childlike souls to let loose in.

Arguably the place is made to be used in summer, and the water quality is top-notch with 40 litres of fresh groundwater being pumped into the lake every second. Unfortunately specific restrictions such as dogs in the water and grilling in certain areas need to be kept in mind, but otherwise, there are plenty of activities to do around — plus a little shop which caters to most people’s eating-drinking-and-ice-licking needs.

If you feel like going for a run, walk, swim, volleyball game, cycle, or nap in the shade of the many trees, it’s easiest to take the U-Bahn there, as the few free parking spots are all usually taken. The previously mentioned threat of drowning is minimal during the weekends when in the seasonal period life-guards operate the area with high skill and boats at their fast disposal. Popular with the locals, it would make sense for more people to know and enjoy this beautiful part of Munich.

All pictures by Maria Strehl:

Riemer See, 81829 München: U-Bahn Messestadt Ost, S-Bahn Gronsdorf

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