ADVENTURES: 24 Hours in Paris with KOMPAS

You’ve just stepped foot onto French soil, you don’t fancy elbowing through the crowds of tourists looking to get that perfect selfie with the Eiffel Tower, so where to? 24 hours in Paris – let’s go!

17:00 – On the hunt for something sweet.

It would almost be a crime if you went to Paris and didn’t poke your head into one of the city’s delicious patisseries. There are some true gems dotted around including, the ever traditional Du Pain et des Idees and the fairytale-like Chez Bogato.

17:30- Bring in the evening with a stroll around the 6th arrondissement, taking in the atmosphere surrounding the Seine and the art borough.

19:00 – Time to start thinking about grabbing a bite for dinner.Candelma is a popular creperie among the locals with both sweet and savoury options flying out of the kitchen. All of the crepes are gluten free and are stuffed with the likes of beef, bacon and plenty of veggies. As for the sweet options, think nutella, pistachio ice cream and caramel, washed down with a glass of cider.

21:00 -The night is still young! Whether you’re up for sharing a bottle of wine as you take in the views from one of the city’s bridges or looking to mingle in the bars, it’s difficult not to be seduced by Paris’ nightlife. We recommend descending the narrow stairs of Le Caveau de la Huchette into the caves for a night of jazz and dancing.

09:30-You’ve hit morning and after a night of dancing the stomach needs feeding. This is where you can’t go wrong with a fresh out of the oven croissant and hot chocolate.

10:30-Indulge your creative side with some street art.

Paris has a thriving street art scene with artists unleashing their creativity onto the city’s buildings and walls. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to catch an exhibition like Lab14 (pictured above) which brought in the new year with colour.

12:00- Take a little bit of Paris back with you.Meert has been serving those with a sweet tooth since 1761, with its high-quality chocolates and traditional, luxury interior. Many come for the waffle biscuits filled with the likes of rum and raisin, speculoos and praline but pretty much anything in this delightful shop would make for a great take-home present.

12:30 Bistro time with snails, snails and more snails!

No trip to Paris would be complete without a hearty meal at a traditional French brasserie. Vagenende attracts many not only for its food but also for the Art Nouveau decor, with its frescos, mirrors and carved wood. The menu is packed with the true French culinary classics from snails to French onion soup.

14:00- Save room for dessert!

Skip the dessert menu at the brasserie to head to the nearby gelato place, Grom. Silky smooth gelato made from 100% natural ingredients, get ready to order multiple scoops. Tiramisu, chestnut and pistachio, please!

15:00-Sample the life of the Parisian entrepreneur, writer and freelancer.

For the digital nomads and the travelling business people out there, decent WiFi is a must. Well don’t worry, Anticafé has all of the resources and with a bit of a twist. At this cafe, you pay for the time that you spend there rather than for what you consume. So tuck into biscuits, cereal, hot drinks and more, knowing the only limit is your time!

Happy Exploring!


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