KEEPING UP WITH KOMPAS: Our Week in Copenhagen

Now that the dust has settled, it is time to reflect on the events of the past week in Copenhagen. The week began with introductions to Human, the CEO of Venture Cup, and Aslan, last year’s winner. They motivated us to give the competition our all and to remember that the winning spot is only a small part of what makes the event so valuable. We were looking forward to having the core team working side-by-side and to giving Julia a proper insight into KOMPAS before she begins work in Munich to build relationships with local businesses and help grow our user base.

Wednesday rolled around, and we had a great day exhibiting KOMPAS to students, business owners and potential users. The feedback we received was very positive with many wanting to sign up to try the application. There were even some people who loved what we were doing so much that they were keen to join the team. We also took away several points worth thinking about regarding the future development of KOMPAS to ensure travellers have a smooth experience. Check out our swanky stand below with our new roller banners — pretty beautiful, isn’t it? It seemed to have worked its charm landing us a little spot on Danish television.

Thursday was the big day, where we pitched KOMPAS to a panel of judges representing the likes of Microsoft, Danske Bank and the VC firm Northcap. We were certainly put to the test but we managed to hold our own! All that was left to do was to wait for the final verdict the following day.

The big day came and we found ourselves inside the Børsen which is Copenhagen’s 17th century stock exchange and boy, were we impressed! The lavish interior provided the perfect backdrop for the day’s events and Princess Mary’s arrival. Unfortunately we did not win our category but we did receive a great deal of praise for the delivery of our pitch.We may have been working hard this week but of course we wouldn’t be KOMPAS if we didn’t uncover some of Copenhagen’s hidden gems at the same time. From an artfully created breakfast where you can watch over the bustling city square below to an underground rave venue in an old meat factory, Copenhagen has much more going for it than the well-known mermaid!